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Opinions on the new logo please

I am still looking for the perfect pole pose for my new logo, so that I can invest in a sign for my storefront studio. It will be sort of abstract and silhouette like, so you won't actually see who the girl is. I just need a pose that gives the feel of comfort (in her own body), sensuality, tastefulness and fitness. I took this picture of one of my students this week because this pose comes sort of close:

Also this one (with my red studio lights on)...

But both poses lack any kind of action. Like with my current logo, where the body is moving and her hair is flowing. I tried having her toss her hair and got this shot:

I'm wondering if I can make her hair flow with one of the first two poses, as if she has just tossed her hair back.

I also like this pose:

But even abstract (so there isn't so much sexuality to it), it still says more sex than fitness.

Is there a picture or pose you like best? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


I could ask one of my friends to send me the shots when I was posing on a support pole at the birthday party at Sidhehaven a few months back... I like to pose/model but don't tell anyone. (my dirty little secret)
That would be great!
I think the first one with flowing hair and the left arm slightly bent (to give the overall shape better flow) would look lovely.
You constantly talk about how much your clients *like* the sexiness aspect. I'm not sure why you would want to downplay one of your selling points.

Ok, I'm going to try and give a suggestion here and apologize in advance if it sucks: What about a profile shot of something that has leg hooked around the pole *behind* the dancer. This would completely remove the imagery of humping a large phallus as the pole is longer appears between the legs of the dancer. It could also potentially look more like gymnastics and less like something you might see in a seedy nightclub. Is there such a position?

Definitely should be interacting with the pole in some way though. The three examples you gave the dancer is mostly just standing there and you could make the same image sans pole.

I also like some of these as inspiration for logos:
5, 6, 10, 11

The red lights look fantastic. I so wish I had a dance floor.
I have a question...

Can you introduce me to that student? Yum.
She's even more stunning in person.
What ocicat said. ROWR.

Here are some other pose ideas
(leg hooked around the pole, but I would shoot that from in front instead of behind)

action shot, spinning around pole

holding pole, leaning away. Maybe you could have a fan blow her hair to give more of an impression of movement.
dawg ;)

and flasher702 seems to have the same thought I did. We can try to work on it Sat if we've got some downtime.
Can you crook the left leg around the pole, and raise the right up to flow the line off the body? Perhaps play with the hair as well, but I'd try to show action with the whole body.
What is wrong with your current one? I love the one you already have.
I have to admit, I'm with her...
I did a poll on LJ to see what people thought of when they saw the logo - because it will go up on my building. Half the people said they thought it was a strip club. I don't want people driving by thinking this is a strip club. So I need something less suggestive.
I don't think it could be any less suggestive unless you had a girl doing nothing on the pole. Maybe you should make a sign that doesn't have a dancer.
I don't think a sign with just text will catch anyone's attention as they drive by.
I know... that is why you need to use your old logo. It is not suggestive. The only thing remotely suggestive about it is the pole. If there was no pole it would just b a girl flipping her hair back. That is no more suggestive than a shampoo commercial.
Under "Pole for the Soul" have the words "Fitness Studio"

That will solve the problem and you can use your old logo. The photos you posted today are far more suggestive than your old logo.
The area over the door is only big enough for a sign with one line of text (at least if I want people to be able to read it easily). So it will most likely be my website name. Believe me, I wish I could have two lines of text. That would certainly solve the problem. But my website name and a logo is all that will fit.

Also the logo is suggestive because the pole is between her legs. As women we don't think anything of it. But men get the wrong idea. That's why I'm looking at the possibility of a new logo where here back is to the pole.
I like this pose:

Though if you wanted to make it much less vulgar, you could have an outline of a girl standing next to a pole, holding it with one hand, but obviously not dancing on it.

Or a side view of a girl with her back to the pole and her back arched, holding the pole above her head...much less "pole between the legs".

I know you like the hair movement, but that's a big part of what makes it 'sexy'
It's funny that you posted that first one. My first ever logo was a silhouette of me doing that pose. You can see it here: http://pics.livejournal.com/cagekitten/pic/00088gr9/

But I won't use inversions in my logo because I'm afraid it will scare girls. They might think I'm going to make them do that in a basic intro level class.

I like the 3rd one. I just need a way to make it look a little bit more like an action shot.