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PftS - kitty


Obviously haven't been posting much. I'm not able to read posts everyday but I do try. The new studio has me working all the time, from morning until night. Training the new instructors takes up a ton of time too.

I had a surprising experience in one of my classes. It's an instructor trainee taught class, and I supervise it and jump in as her teaching assistant when she needs it. This particular instructor has a lot to juggle in her life and I think it causes her to be distracted. So she has been forgetting things in the lesson plan now and then, or giving instructions that aren't clear and leave the students confused or doing the moves wrong. Sometimes she even says "left hand" when she means right, which can also mess the students up. She's a great student, a fantastic dancer, and a dear friend. I think she's just really nervous since she never taught anything before and probably distracted by her full time job and a child and husband at home.

Anyway, I have been feeling stressed about it, like the class sort of falls apart sometimes when she teaches it. Yet when it came time for the "free style" portion at the end of the 3rd week, I got quite a surprise. These girls, in spite of some misdirection and things being left out, did an amazing just during free style time. They even attempted floorwork with their pole routine, something I rarely see level 1 students attempt before the 5th week. They were sensual, and beutiful, and even the girls who had a ton of trouble the first few weeks were dancing beautifully without any direction at all.

I'm floored.

I'm suddenly very proud of the lesson plan I've developed over the years. Girls who feel awkward or who have trouble in the beginning, can still be graceful and beautiful dancers even with a trainee instructor who messes up now and then. I feel like that means I have a really strong lesson plan that works so well, that girls can benefit and dance beautifully even if the the instructor misses or misdirects a few things. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep supervising her classes until she can teach without mistakes. But I love that I've grown something so strong that it works well even with a weak link in there sometimes.


hip, hip, copper aluminide, hip

That's OK...you're never far from our thoughts....well, mine.

And having a lesson that people can follow without is incredibly rewarding. I have that with my corrosion class, and am trying to do it with Diffusion and Engineering Material Science, where I'm not *really* necessary for them to listen to me...they can get Bs, but not dominate the class. I like to be *somewhat* useful....of course, I'm just teaching flavors of math and alloying, and you teach people how to *move*...