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socks and cat

Because 11x17 looks more professional

It's funny, but I was just thinking that home printed signs in a business look cheap and unprofessional. Like the one I have on the main door reminding people to please use the side entrance.

Then yesterday I saw the Brother MFC-6490CW that prints on 11x17 paper. It also scans 11x17 documents. And I've been needing to replace my old HP printer with a combination scanner (which I don't have) and fax machine (which I don't have) and printer.

Add to that the fact that it's marked down from $299 to $219, and I think we have a winner!


Shiny toy!

Like it ;) I love the little previewy thingy on the front there..or at least it looks like one!

Brother printer/faxes

I love 11x17, and if you ever get a 13x19 you'll be in love. One thing in my experience with brother printer/faxes is that if they get a clogged printer head they will no longer DO ANYTHING. Not even things that have nothing to do with printing. No sending faxes, no scanning, nothing. I don't know if that problem has been resolved but one I had got a clogged head and bricked. The printer jets were very obtuse in where they were laid, so you couldn't reach them very well. It is funny, because I like brother as a brand for office supplies in general. I'd look on forums about the printer before I buy.

Re: Brother printer/faxes

D'oh! Too late. Already ordered.
I had this very model. Several times a day it would start up on it's own and clean the nozzle heads. All this did was waste ink. After about a week, my ink would be all gone. That, and if I ran thru ANY ink cartridge, it would no longer print, even with just black ink. Stay away from big Brother...
Your ink was gone without even printing anything? Maybe I should turn it off when I'm not using it so it can't do that.
Try unplugging it.
I had it in my bedroom and it woke me up at all times. On or off. All I can say is, WTF?!
Never had the problem with Epson..