Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

the neighbor

I just found out that during the installation of my poles in my studio, the neighbor above the studio complained to the contractors. This was at 10:00am, so it's not like he was being kept awake. But he said the sound of the drilling into the ceiling (i.e. his floor) was disturbing his cats.

Now I'm all for not disturbing kitties. They are gods and they should have their comfort at all times. But the only other option would have been to stop installation and close my business...after locking myself into a two year lease. So I'm not quite sure how his cat's comfort for a couple hours should be given priority over my ability to make a living for the next two years.

So far he has complained:

1. To me, that I closed the garbage room door too loud
2. To the contractors, that their noise and vibration disturbs his cats
3. To the landlord, that quicksilver1's talking with friends woke him up and that my business was violating the lease by keeping him up (even though I was asleep and the business was closed)
4. To the landlord, that the pole use vibrates his floor and he can hear girls cheering
5. To a stranger that parked in front of his garage (for 5 minutes) to pick up a very heavy coffee table from me

Granted I didn't know the stranger had parked in front of his garage. But the neighbor got all huffy about it and rang my doorbell and knocked on the window of the car (as if that would get him inside to move it or something??).

I'm so lucky that the building owner is super cool, she told me she would just let him and his wife move out and rent the space to some one else. But I just can't believe how much he's complained, and I've only lived here 3 weeks!!

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