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socks and cat

Alone for a year

I have not been able to read LJ or post much. I am beyond swamped. quicksilver1 leaves Thursday night. He will be in San Diego for 3 months before they ship him off for his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq (although his last tour was actually in Kuwait). I am, of course, wondering how I'm going to get by without him. It's likely I will start asking my friends to visit often. I'm pretty freaked out about the prospect of living alone for a year. I feel helpless here when I'm alone. My home will also be open to friends that need a place to crash due to emergencies or unexpected crises or just because they don't want to drive home after a night of clubbing. And I will most likely look at the possibility of adopting a cat in January, so I won't be totally alone here.


I will make more of an effort to spend time with you.
It should be the other way around. I should make more of an effort to spend time with YOU.
Friendship always works both ways.
I was thinking of driving back up again in a couple months...or just flying for a quick 4 day weekend...

But my poor Sophie is so traumatized by my roommates cat after my being gone, that she wont leave my room to eat, and she just wants to snuggle all the time!! I am thinking if driving up and bringing Sophie with me and giving her to my mom...maybe you would like to adopt her?

I feel like if I have to give her up though, my heart would break...I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it!! but I hate to see her so shaken up by that monster my roommates call a cat :(
I have decided only to adopt a cat that is 1 to 2 years old. Adopting an older cat last time was traumatic. I found my kitty soulmate and she was sick within a year and then sick the last year of her life. I was told when I adopted her that she was only about 8 to 10 years old. But then another vet told me she was 10 to 12 years old. So I got her as an old lady and was denied the chance to live a long, happy life with her.
I know...older cats are harder to adopt...but remember, I got Sophie when she was 15 weeks...so she is barely 2...she is still a baby!! That's why I love her, and know if I could hang on to her, she and I would have at least another 10 years to grow!! :)
Wait, there are clubs in Ballard? Who knew? ;)


You'll be warm and loved in your castle. You'll just have to get used to the Rapunzel moniker.
When might you have some time for weapons practice? It wont make you all THAT less lonely, BUT it CAN make you feel less helpless. I can usually get a few hours sometime in the afternoon/evenings, or can get time on the weekends.
I teach most evenings and weekends. My free time is during the day when everyone else is working.

I don't feel helpless from a self defense stand point. More like I can't kill spider or lift heavy things. I can't even remove my own removable poles, because I'm not strong enough. I need a man for things that require more physical strength than I have.
I lived alone for 3 1/2 years and LOVED it. You'll get used to it, trust me. :)
I lived alone during his last tour of duty. There are parts of living alone I grew to like. But for the most part, I didn't enjoy it. It's just not in my personality type. I grew up with pretty much no parents or family. I spent most of my childhood living alone. As a result, I prefer to always live with a chosen family of some type.