Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Topless lap dance

Tonight I drove out to Everett to some one's home to teach a bachelorette party exotic dance. Let me tell you, it's really REALLY hard to teach drunk women to lap dance. I keep forgetting that girls are drinking at these private home parties (because no one has to drive after). I'm so used to sober students that it takes some time to adjust to trying to teach girls that have been (and still are) drinking.

There was a funny moment when I was demonstrating the lap dance so they could watch before I taught it to all of them. One of the girls sat in the chair so I could demo on her. And when I got to the part where I strip off my shirt (I layer an extra shirt over my tank top for this), the girl in the chair decided to strip her shirt off right along with me...down to her bra! That's the first time I ever taught a lap dance where the girl getting the lap dance decided to strip with me. She got the rest of her lap dance without her shirt on. She also tried to drink during the lap dance, which I quickly put a stop to. I can't give some one a lap dance when they have a drink in their hand!

One girl had to stop half way through the party and quit, because she said the moves were making her too horny. Well now, that's a first. She also mentioned that after she finishes school, she will be getting breast augmentation surgery. One of her friends said, "Are your parents paying for it?" She said, "No, my dead grandpa is paying for it." Apparently he left her $10k in his will.

They all had a fantastic time. After the party was over I passed around a clip board with a sign up sheet so they could join my mailing list. The clipboard came back with a long list of e-mails from the girls and a $20 bill clipped to it. I'm always really surprised and touched when girls tip me. I feel very lucky to have a career where I am so appreciated.

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