Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my first video in the new studio

After the last studio had that nice soft carpet, myself and my students are all having quite a hard time adjusting to the hardwood floors. Girls at my last pole party complained about how much their knees hurt. And my knees are currently bruises on top of bruises! I've encouraged my long term students to purchase knee pads and I'm still shopping for a pair myself (the ones at Fred Meyer and GI Joe's have ugly Nike logos on them, so I'm holding out for a more attractive pair).

But just as I was cursing the hard floor and regretting not carpeting the entire thing, I soon discovered how many slidey things you can do on a smooth floor when doing floorwork. Before long I was sliding down the pole and onto the floor, working on soon-to-be sexy and smooth transitions. I had so much fun doing them, I couldn't resist taping them. Plus I'm excited about the new crawl I'm doing in the video, which i_feel_sick just taught me a fews days ago.

The pic or the cut will take you to the video. Please keep in mind that the studio is not finished yet. I still have white paper blinds up all over the place because the new curtains won't be hung until later this week. Comments welcome!

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