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cat on a pole

No more bell ringing please

It's becoming increasingly obvious that telling students they can "ring the bell to my office and I'll come down and let you in" isn't going to work. I had a private lesson at 6:15pm today. She showed up and rang my bell at 5:50pm. That's 25 minutes early!

It was a hectic day today and we spent more time than I planned in Ikea. By the time we got home I had exactly one hour (assuming I wanted to be ready for my 6:15 client by 6:00pm) to run to the copy store to copy my quarterly taxes so I could drop them in the mail (tomorrow is the deadline), rush home, make dinner, eat dinner, be dressed and ready for class. Needless to say, I needed that entire hour! A 25 minute early student definitely wasn't going to work with my crazy schedule.

When she rang the bell, I got on the intercom and lied. I said, "I'm with a student, we'll be done at 6:00pm." That sounds much better than "I really have a wall to wall packed day and desperately need you to NOT be more then 15 minutes early or I just won't be able to fit this in." But I think from now on I'll just let students know I arrive at the studio ten minutes prior to their lesson and then 10 minutes prior to the lesson I'll walk into the studio and wait for them.


Honestly, that's the best idea. They can't be showing up whenever they want to and just expecting you to drop everything and teach them. You SCHEDULE a class. That's it. Scheduled. Good for you.
Of course now I may have the opposite problem. If they arrive late, I'm now sitting around in the studio with nothing to do, when I could be working or getting things done.
Is there any way you can let them in so that they don't have to wait around outside, but tell them that you have some things to finish up in your office and will be ready to start the lesson at the scheduled time? Some people probably show up really early because they don't know what the traffic will be like and are just trying to avoid being late.
I can't even turn my back for a second on these girls, even to change the music, without them attempting something crazy and dangerous. At pole parties if I so much as leave for a minute to use the bathroom, I come back and find them trying to climb 12 feet up or flip upside down...WITH NO TRAINING TO DO SO and without my permission.

Leaving anyone alone in the studio is the fastest way to inury and lawsuits.