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Can't seem to reset internal wake-up clock

I can't seem to break this habit. I'm still so dead tired by midnight every night that I can't keep my eyes open. So I crash at midnight or 12:30 and then wake up - whether I want to or not - at 7:30 every morning. It's driving me nuts!! I have been leaving the curtains in the bedroom open because the view is so nice. Maybe I'll have to start closing the curtains and see if the reduced light helps me sleep in.

Speaking of views, we have private decks on both sides of our building. The West side of our townhome faces a busy street. The East sides faces a quiet residential neighborhood. Yeah, it's a big townhome. The other day I captured the sunset from both ends of the building at the same time.

Here is the East side view from our deck. That's downtown and Mount Rainier in the background.

Here is the same sunset from the West side, on the deck located just outside my private office:

You can see why I love it here. :)


Awesome pics.

Just how far away is Rainier?
Google maps says I'm about 66 miles from Mt. Rainier national park.
What a beautiful view.
Wow *envy*
I am thoroughly jealous...