Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Not finished

I have not had time to read LJ in days, haven't posted much either. The contractors in my studio are crazy behind schedule. Because I needed them up by Friday, they went ahead and did a sloppy job (one pole is crooked, the other is bowed) and are back today to correct that. This all should have been finished and ready to go by Thursday of last week.

I had my first class in the new studio Sunday night and the first girl walked in and said about the studio, "It's gorgeous." Another girl couldn't pay attention to me during the warm up and floorwork part of the class because her eyes kept wondering around the studio.

It surprises me how impressed girls are with the studio because it's not finished! The reinforcement beams over the poles have not been painted to match the ceiling yet. The curtains won't be here for two more weeks, so we have a combination of temporary paper blinds and blackout fabric taped up over the windows. The speakers are not hooked up yet. The sound system is in an unpacked box in the corner (not exactly attractive). I mean it's really bare bones at the moment. So if they're impressed now, imagine how they will react when the studio is actually finished!

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