Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Barack Obama owes his political career to sex clubs

Apparently Barack Obama originally was running against Jack Ryan for Illinois state senate in 2004. Jack Ryan was a very handsome, millionaire married to one of Hollywood's most gorgeous actresses. You may remember his wife as Seven of Nine on Star Trek:

Before his political career, Jack Ryan gave up his million dollar job in finance to be a teacher at an inner city school. In 2004 he won the Republican primary and was running against Obama for the seat in the senate. But the press was curious about his divorce from Jeri Ryan and the custody records and couldn't get to the custody records because they were sealed. Jack Ryan had argued during the custody proceedings that it could be damaging to his son to find out why Jeri was asking for custody. The judge agreed and the records remained sealed. But a newspaper sued to get access to the custody records, and so a judge released them. That's when it all started to unravel.

In the records, Jeri Ryan claimed that her husband took her to sex clubs and it made her uncomfortable. He took her in New York and to one club in Paris. She said the Paris club made her so uncomfortable that she cried and left.

When this became public, Jack's advisers told him it would blow over. But it didn't. Oddly enough, you can cheat on your spouse and still be elected or keep your office. But god forbid you should take your wife with you to explore your sexual options, apparently people can't handle that. The controversy would not die down and Jack Ryan had to withdraw his candidacy. His last minute replacement lost the election to Obama.

The rest is history.

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