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socks and cat


I am realizing that I'm so happy in this new place because I just don't like to leave home. And I have everything here; my office, my dance studio, a giant tub, two private decks on two different ends of the townhome with two different views, stores and businesses within walking distance, etc.

I think it might be hard for "normal" people to understand. But when you have a disability, the world holds all kinds of extra challenges and unexpected and unwanted surprises. And every trip outside the home can bring some reminder of how the world outside is designed for normally abled folks and those that don't fit that mold are constantly being pushed to try and keep up where others can move about the outside world effortlessly.

On top of that, my body is just too high maintenance for travel. While I'm super healthy, I do have that pesky hypoglycemia. I need protein every 2 to 3 hours. And I guess it's because I'm a tiny girl, but I somehow came equipped with a little bladder to match. I can't go more than 30 minutes without having to find a bathroom. While I'm at home, I never have to worry about having enough protein around or finding a bathroom. But if I leave the house for too, I have to start hunting for these things.

I guess I'm a homebody. I like working here. I like relaxing here. Snuggling at home is my favorite date. I see no reason to leave other than clubbing and grocery shopping and the occasional treck to California or cruise to Alaska for a short vacation. I'm happy as a bug in a swank rug here.


I'm a bit of a homebody that travels :p but if I had a place like yours combined with having my work right there too ;) I'd never leave home, as well.. lol. When I had my perfect 'jewellry box' studio by the water downtown in Vic.. I actually went out less! And I was right in the city with everything at my fingertips practically.! Still had a social life bla bla bla but home was so nifty why leave ?! ;) Course the club was two blocks from home, too.. hehe.