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socks and cat

new office snafus

It looks like I will have to eliminate the skylights in my atrium/office by covering them completely. I am trying to work and the sun is beating down so hard on me that my skin feels like it's starting to burn. I tried putting a shoji screen in here to block the light. But the window is 10 feet up in the air. A 5 foot screen is not going to cut it.

I can purchase about $20 worth of blackout paper blinds to cover them. But it won't be possible to open those blinds on rainy days or at night when I would like to enjoy the ceiling windows (it's that pesky gravity thing, the blinds will have to be taped down).

The other unexpected thing I've encountered is the echo in here. When I make business calls, people can here my voice echo. What can I say? My office is extra big with vaulted ceilings and skylights. I can live with the echo though.


Hanging photos on the walls will actually do a lot to help absorb some of that sound. The more furniture and other items you have, the less echo there will be.

And there are blinds you can buy for skylights, that have a rotating arm that you can open and close them with, I'll have to dig around and find a link for you.

*edit* http://www.islandblinds.com/category-skylight-shades.html

Edited at 2008-09-04 08:34 pm (UTC)
You probably missed my post about not spending any more money on this place. While $600 to $800 (which is what that website quotes for a set of 4 blinds, not including labor to have some one climb a ladder and install them) might seem reasonable to you for blinds, it's not to a person that's blowing $10k in just a couple weeks on a new studio. You have to draw the financial limit somewhere and I thought $10k was a good place to stop.

Please feel free to suggest some more financially reasonable solutions though. So far $20 paper blinds is the only suggestion that seems to fit that.
I didn't necessarily mean for you to get them right now, but down the road when you've recovered from all the startup costs.

Paper blinds will be great for now, but eventually you'll want something a bit more permanent and substantial.

And you can always just go to eBay with the name of those blinds and get them much cheaper than from a retailer.
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!
A cheap area rug will do wonders for that echo problem.