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socks and cat

A response from Home Depot

Since some one was kind enough to post a comment in my LJ with the e-mail address of the CEO of Home Depot, I wrote him a polite but frustrated e-mail explaining how hard it is to find help in the Aurora location and how myself and my friends have finally given up using it. He wrote me the following response today:

"Many thanks for taking the time to write this note and, thank you for the feedback! I certainly value the input I receive from customers, both good and bad. And I can assure you that we take customer service seriously and anything less than excellent is unacceptable. I'll have someone from the division visit that store and address the concerns that you mentioned. I hope - over time - you'll see a difference in our stores and we'll win you over as a full-time Home Depot customer. - Frank Blake"


Probably a canned response for your type of complaint.

Oh I'm cynical indeed. Too many years working in corporate run retail...
It's so sad that the one in your neighborhood is so poorly run, I practically live at the one here. The garden center ladies know me by first name and always want to see pictures of the work I do at my parents house, and the guys that work in the home storage department almost know me by name, from all the shelving and other organizational items I buy for storing my eBay items.

Our closest Lowe's is 20 minutes away, and I've not been impressed enough with them to make the drive. I've only had one instance of Home Depot not having what I needed (some weird metric sized screws for some furniture) and a local hardware store was able to fill that need.
What an insulting response they gave. They know that they're in trouble compared to other companies. A couple years ago, it became a focus and comparison to pit Home Depot against nearly anyone else in the same biz (usually Lowe's) and Home Depot came up empty handed every time, and the customers all had the same complaint. If you want help, good luck. You won't get it, or you'll wait in a deep line for it when the one guy working the floor is followed by a group or a line several ahead of you.