Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I still support her but...

This article has a little more info on why that women I posted about previously was not allowed to open her pole dance studio:

I have to admit that I think the problem is partially her fault. Before I singed a lease for this location, I went down to the city office that handles permits and such and made sure it was okay for me to convert this commercial space to a dance studio. I think the gal in this article may have forgotten to check with the city before signing a lease and investing $10,000 in converting the retail space to a dance studio.

Also, I was not aware when I read the first article about her, that her city does not allow adult businesses within a certain distance from residents and bars. Pole dance schools ARE an adult business unless you permit students under the age of 18 into your classes. The math is pretty simple. So unless she's prepared to teach teens, I think it might have been wise on her part to make sure her business was the required distance from residential homes and bars.

I still support her right to open her business where she wants it. But she is not a complete victim in this scenario. I hired a consultant to make sure my business was being moved to a zone that permits it. I think that by skipping this step, or by not going to the city zoning/permit office and checking in advance, she got herself into this situation.

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