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socks and cat

Electric broom?

WAY too many floors to sweep. And I've spent too much time already reading reviews for all the different "electric" brooms that vacuum up your hardwood floors. I still can't decide on one. Does anyone use one? Can you recommend one?


The Roomba actually works well. My soon to be brother in law has one and loves it on his hard wood floors. It works well on his throw rugs as well. Not sure how it does with shag carpets though.

None of these types of vacuums are perfect mind you, but they make things a lot easier when you don't have the time to vacuum regularly.
Want to borrow mine to see how well it works?
I have a Roomba too. It takes a fair bit of maintenance - cleaning out it bins and cleaning the brushes. So it's less work (you don't actually have to vacuum) but you may end up more contact with the dirt.
Just use a vacuum cleaner with a hardwood floor setting or "sweeper" attachment. Don't need to buy a specialized tool that will just take up space.

Either that or just get a bigger broom so you can sweep faster inbetween classes. That's what most fitness studios I've been to use.
I did buy a a bigger broom. That takes care of the dance studio, but not the other two floors!
I love my Roomba as well but there are rooms it's better for than others - it's great in my bedroom since it's mostly straight angles but not so good in the living room or kitchen where there are more obstacles. But it's great to have something doing the work for you while you're off dealing with something else.
Which model did you buy? I noted there are several, and all different prices.
You might want to check out Amazon for refurbished ones...much cheaper and with 90 day factory warranties.


Amazon is my crack pipe.