Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Other Seattle pole school student getting fraud e-mail

My friend that runs the other pole school in Seattle has "teaser" classes that give you a sampling of pole dance classes. One of her students got the following e-mail after registering, NOT from my friend the school owner, but signed with her name:

"Hi Lindsay,

My name is Angi and I am the other woman for whom you made the teacher
training contract. Thank you.

I need verification for your order ( Teaser - Friday August 22nd 5-6pm
). I need your credit card information for verification your order. I
need ASAP.

Thank you!

Obviously they were fishing for her student's credit card number. But I'm wondering how they got her student's name, e-mail and the class the student signed up for. I just e-mailed her back after she sent this to me and asked if she was using an un-secure internet connection. Because I can't think of any other way they could get the name and e-mail and class registration of one of her students.

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