Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'm all over it

MTV has a new show called "Get Exiled". Imagine the most spoiled teen age girls ever. They get a new car every few months, they buy $300 dresses every week even though they have no job, they have servants so they don't know how to cook or clean, and they can have absolutely anything they want by just asking daddy for it.

They're sending these spoiled girls (and one boy) to remote, primitive living situations in foreign countries. They are being sent to Peru, Nepal, Africa, the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle, etc. They go from sleeping in mansions to sharing a tiny room with chickens. No bathrooms. Hard labor all day. You get the picture.

I think any show that pushes people to grow and discover their psychological and emotional strength is more fascinating than any other kind of television show. And lets face it, I'm curious to see how a spoiled rich 18 year old kid survives without cell phones, e-mail, cars, shopping and plumbing.

I'm all over this new show. You can see a preview here (stay tuned to the end to see the conditions they will be living in):

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