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cat's eye

You want HOW much?

I nearly had a heart attack when Seattle Custom Curtains quoted me $4,000 for my custom light blocking curtains today. Hell to the no.

At least BlackoutCurtains.com only wants $130 per panel (I need 10 panels). But they won't return my phone calls asking for a quote. So I guess they're out even if they are the better deal.

At this point I'm realizing that I may have to open for business with newspapers taped up onto all the glass windows (until I figure out where I'm buying my curtains). And I might be okay with that. Getting the floors and poles is the number one priority. You can't pole dance without floors and poles!!


I'm trying to picture floorless pole dancing.

Would this involve hovering?

Or really long poles that stretch way down past the big turtle and all those elephants?
I guess painting the windows, black layer over white layer, is out of the question? I've seen it done before, and though it is tedious to remove, it's a lot classier than newspaper, and a whole lot less expensive than the curtains...
The windows are double paned. So painting anything on the windows that blocks the light would trap heat between the panes. This would cause the windows to expand and crack.

Plus I need the curtains to cut down on the echo in the studio. Sound is bouncing around like crazy and I need some fabric to absorb it.
Gotcha. That's unfortunate... (so says Captain Obvious, right?) I also hadn't thought of the sound absorption, but that makes sense.

Have you tried JCPenney? That's where I get all my curtains, but I doubt they'll be able to get them done by Tuesday.
The JC Penny catalog has "dorm room" blackout curtains that come in 95 inches. They aren't available in stores, just online. And that is just 5 inches too short. Out of desperation, I went ahead and ordered them online today because I figured I might be able to sew something 5 inches long to the end of the curtains. After I finished putting in my credit card number and ordering, I got a confirmation that said they are out of stock and will be shipped to JC Penny for me to pick up on October 31st.


So close.

Back to trying to figure out what I'm going to do for curtains.

JCPenney also does custom curtains for cheap. I'd try canceling your order and hotfooting it to your nearest JCPenney to discuss your options. They could probably get them to you sooner than Oct 31.
I'm a bit tight on time since I haven't even started packing for the move next week. But I'm going to give them a call right now. Thank you!
Have you thought about having them made?.. We bought the noise/insulating fabric and then sandwiched it between nice fabric to make curtains for our little camper.. They completely block the light and also are amazing at insulating. Then you could have them made to the exact measurement you need and with nice fabric.
The place that quoted me $4,000 was going to make them for me. Apparently custom made blackout curtains are quite pricey.
I just left another comment.. but it posted under skarlett's name because I am on her computer...
Thanks. But these are 10 very huge 7 to 9 foot windows. Labor for sewing that many curtains would take days. I don't know anyone that would do days worth of work for only a couple hundred dollars. If you know some one that would, please let me know.
Do you have a craft store nearby or can you order online some colored paper on rolls? I remember getting big rolls of white paper to do signs, etc in college. That might look a bit better than newspaper.

Wish I was out there to help you with the curtin situation. I'm sure all you need is some really simple ones. Unfortunately, light blocking fabric is pretty expensive. Another option might be going with double layers of a regular curtin. It might block more light and give you a cute look if you tied them back at some point.


Great, inexpensive blackout curtains I found recently...

Hi there!

I happened across your blog when I was Googling for blackout curtains that I need for my new apt. I need shorter ones than you, so I have more choices.

I do have some news that you might use if you haven't already found a solution...

I found some really nice "microsuede" blackout curtains at a Tuesday Morning store sale recently. These have a suede look, but they are made of polyester (I think, but too lazy/tired to go check right now). The fabric is fairly heavy, and they hang beautifully! Even better news... they are machine washable. Best news of all... they are cheap... less than $60 for two panels. They do look "rich and expensive" though. I was amazed.

They are almost out of stock now b/c of the sale. I know b/c I have been running all over Houston grabbing stock from various store locations. I actually decided to go ahead and do a second room in the apt. that I wasn't originally planning to do. They save on electricity!!!

The other good news is that the longest size is 120" long! All three sizes are 112" wide (total for the two panels) by
either 96", 108" or 120" long.

They came in chocolate, khaki, red, and black. The choc and khaki sold out fast, but there are still red and black in some sizes, at least here locally.

You could also try the Tuesday Morning website for ordering online. They were even offering free shipping!

Act fast if you still need them...

Let me know if you want more info. I am an individual w/no connections to the store, etc. I just needed some curtains for privacy in a new apt... on a very small budget... poverty-stricken b/c I have a soft heart and spend too much time volunteering with disabled kids. Protecting underdogs has somehow become my passion in life. Great for the spirit! The bank account, not so good .

I'm not sure if this post will be accepted b/c I didn't sign up?

Here goes...

Best regards,


Re: Great, inexpensive blackout curtains I found recently...

Sadly, your post came too late. I couldn't find 120 inch curtains anywhere so I had to have them custom made. Had your post come 4 days earlier, it might have saved me about $700.