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socks and cat

You're all fired

They guy who was supposed to meet me at the studio this morning to give me a quote on blackout film, now says he will make it out in the afternoon instead. The last constractor I had an appointment with for a consult also tried to reschedule, because the city inspector he was supposed to meet at another job was running late. I told him to take a hike, because lets face it, you don't hire some one who doesn't show up to the interview on time. And don't even get me started on Design Trends, the company I was going to hire to install my floors. My rep was not available Sunday night when she said she would be with the samples.

Flooring and remodeling folks are just the most unreliable bunch of gits you will ever have to deal with. Truly. I don't understand how anyone can do business and keep clients when they can't even keep a commitment.


Go placidly amidst the noise and haste ...

I'm a bit surprised; I thought construction/remodel was down just now. Maybe it's just construction, and remodel's booming.

You will open, it will be fabulous, and you'll find somebody to teach on Thur. So sayeth I.
so far as i can tell construction/home improvement people are just about the worst it gets when it comes to being where they're supposed to be. i worked for this contractor for a summer and i swear i spent half the time on the phone with clients saying "where is he?! he hasn't showed up three days in a row!!" and the other half of my time trying to call boss and employees trying to figure out where the fuck they were, heh. usually with no success.
was terribly glad when they "had to let me go" because profits were down and money was tight. =P

and from what i hear talking to other people in the business it's pretty much the same everywhere. why, or how they continue to work that way, i just don't know.
Contractors are notorious for not showing up on time or for leaving before the job is done.

At least the one guy contacted you ahead of time and did have a legitimate reason. If he can't leave the other job until the city inspector arrives, then he can't leave. Assuming he wasn't blowing smoke, I wouldn't hold that against him.

If you will only work with contractors who always keep their appointments, be prepared to go through a lot of contractors. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond their control that won't allow them to make an appointment. And, sometimes, they are just making excuses for poor planning on their part. Do what you can to sort out one from the other.