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socks and cat

How do I make curtains longer?

All the blackout curtains I'm finding online, come in a standard 95 inch length. I need about 97 to 98 inches. I did find a place that will custom make them for me, but they might not get here in time for the first class. And they will cost a ton more.

So I'm wondering what I can put at the bottom of a curtain to make it not only 3 inches longer, but blackout at the bottom as well. I could add 3 inches of lace. But blackout backing is white. So it would be blatantly white at the bottom of the curtains, even with black lace sewn to the bottom of the black curtains. Plus I can't sew.

What could I add to the bottom of blackout curtains to make them 3 inches or so longer?


You can get the material from a craft store, get some nice trim (ribbon or lace or something) to cover the seam and hot glue or use another fabric glue to attach them together.
Won't it be obvious that I did that? I mean since I can't sew, won't it look tacky?
Not if all the edges are straight and the glue doesn't go crazy -- my mom and I do that stuff all the time :)