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socks and cat

darn holiday

Moving the day before a holiday poses quite a delimma. You see, no company will come to your new home on the holiday to transfer your services. So I will have NO phone service, NO cable tv service and NO internet for my first day and a half in the new home.

I will certainly look up the nearest Tully's so I can check e-mail at least once. But no tv and no phone? I sure hope no one calls the business line on the holiday, it will just ring with no answer.


Can you turn it on the day before?
Phone companies don't work on Sunday. :(
Time to start warning your current or potential customers that there will be no communication on those days. If they can't miss the message, and a week or two ahead of time, they can't say they didn't know. Put the ball in their court and the responsibility of knowing in their hands ahead of time. And plan for contingency. I work with the landline phone companies daily and the more I know them, the more I don't trust their work.