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socks and cat

The mural

This is a picture of the mural that is painted on one of the walls of the new studio. The owner would prefer I not paint over it:

Because the wall is so big, it looks like theatre curtains would be the best way to cover it. I found some online for $600. I'd prefer not to spend that much so I've decided to leave it for now until the studio is done. It's possible that once I have the windows blocked and the lights low, that it will hardly be noticeable.

It's beautiful enough that I don't know that it really needs covering. It just seems like the ocean theme might not fit the romantic look I'm going for in the studio.


Hm, not really in my taste, so personally I'd cover it or ask her how firm she was that it couldn't be painted over.

I don't know about the theatre curtains though. You could probably get some normal drapes or even just some fabric and put a tension rod up over it as it looks like it's sunk into the wall.

If you really do want theatre curtains...I'd ask the owner to cover the cost of the curtains, as it's due to her wishes you aren't just painting over it, and it could be detrimental to your business (A whale spewing fish over skulls isn't the image you are going for...)
Girls do wallwork against that wall. So a tension rod would fall on them the first time they slide their backs down that wall with the curtain on it.

The lease is already signed. It's far too late to negotiate her paying for something like that.
These are the curtains I got for my sunroom. You get two per pack, they're $15 a pack, and they're huge. Length: 98" Width: 57 "

They're the look and texture of unbleached linen.
Only 98 inches high? This mural is 141 inches high. That's why I think only stage curtains would be high enough.
Um, I'd negotiate with the owner. Pay for curtains or allow repainting.
For the cost of the theater curtains, you might be able to put a suitable screen for a projector (digital or slide) up - then you can alter the theme with your mood :)
Lease is sign, sealed and delivered. Plus I negotiated her down so hard she said after she gave in for the last time: "Please don't beat me up any more."

She made more concessions than she wanted to, including NO rent raise until the end of the two year lease. There's no way I could possibly ask her for something additional after I beat the heck out of her in negotiations and then signed the agreement already.
*nods* I'm just saying that even with this you shouldn't be required to look at that mural. So either you get to paint, or she can choose to cover it with curtains if she wants to keep it. Not unreasonable even if she felt "beat up." ;)
I think she mentioned that when showing the space, she was giving preference to tenants who agreed not to paint over it. It's very likely that the reason she leased to me and not other folks competing for the space, was the fact that I agreed not to paint over it. So to ask her to pay for curtain or to ask to paint over it would basically be sort of back stabbing. I got the place for agreeing to keep the mural. To be fair, I have to hold up my end of the bargain and take responsibility for preserving it or covering it with curtains if I don't like it.
Ah, I see...
Based on the fact that the fish on top has wings, I have to assume it is some kind of symbolism for freedom and escape. I guess you have to have an appreciation of Native American culture to like it.
lol. I find it funny that the "goth" crowd cannot appreciate it for it's artistic intention. I come from an artistic family. My mom paints murals for a living. So while this may not be "goth friendly" its pretty cool as a mural goes, and I would hate to see you paint over it when who knows when you decide to leave and the next tenant would love it!

Besides, weren't you already planning on getting the theater curtains anyway? That is pricey though, but would be necessary even if the wall was plain...right?
I think the mural is lovely. And if they're going to be rolling and writing on the wall, wouldn't any curtain be at risk for ripping and coming down?

Maybe find some way to make a rolling screen/partition that's fairly sturdy and will block the wall. Or put up a false wall over it.
Contact paper would ruin the paint and/or bubble when you apply it.

i think its cool

I like the mural, but then again as a professional treehugger i suppose that isnt surprising. It is a great Northwest image. i would agree though if you are going for a more erotic or sexy look for the studio I would go with the curtains.

Can you go to a teacher supply store, get one of those huge rolls of poster paper, and just cover it up?
Let's say that that kind of paper comes in rolls that are 140 inches long. How do you make it look nice? I mean how to do you make it look like there's not paper tacked up on the wall?

...I was going to say put pictures you actually like over the paper, but I kind of like the sheets of plastic idea better...
Sheets of plastic would look like I have sheets of plastic tacked to my wall. I'm hoping to find something that looks nice and not like I'm too cheap to paint.