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socks and cat

Burning Man

I have a friend that is looking for some one to carpool with to Burning Man. Anyone need a ride?


From Seattle? Quite possibly. But I can't leave until Monday night, and need to be back the following Monday night.
They can get in touch with me if this works at marissa dot betzzall at gmail!
Wanting to leave Sat AM, and likely back late Tue. Hope you find something that works :)
*twitch* I cn't see making it after dumping so much into the ouse (more to come)

If you spend it, they will come ...

On the plus side, you've got an 'ouse! If you dump a hot tub into your 'ouse, we'll come playafy it in Sept :)
oh, burning man.

I want to go one year for the experience. :)