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sword crossing pole

Let me at 'em!

So remember how I was trying to come up with an idea for a second business? I think what I would really like to do is buy and take over Centerfolds in Seattle. This is ironic, since I have absolutely no, zip, zero, nada interest in seeing strange men naked. So why buy the only male strip club in town? Because it has been run into the ground!! It has huge potential and it's being wasted. From online reviews and speaking to someone who was there a couple weeks ago, here is what I found out about Centerfolds:

  • It's dirty. Dirty as in not kept up or cleaned.
  • It serves no beverages of any kind, not even water or soda.
  • They are supposed to have at least 5 dancers, but usually have only 2 or 3.
  • The dancers are SO average looking that it looks as if they are guys that just walked in off the street.
  • Only one of them could really dance.
  • Two of them were "hung like chipmunks".
  • When one girl threw up in the bathroom, they made one of the male dancers clean it up. So clearly there is no staff of any kind there other than the dancers.
  • The club is only open Friday and Saturdays. Leaving a prime estate on a busy street, wasted.

If I took over the club I would put poles in and probably turn it into an all female bikini bar Sunday through Thursday and continue it as a male strip club on Fridays and Saturdays. Let's face it, men spend more money on sex fantasies with hot strangers than women do, so that would pay the bills so we could cater to women on weekends. Sunday night would be lesbian night, women only allowed into the bikini bar. Nudity would be out, completely. But hardly there clothing would be the standard. I'd employ hot dancers and have a wait staff serving sodas. If I could get a liquor license, of course I would add alcohol. The place would never be dirty. You get the idea.

The sad thing is that they are the ONLY male strip club in town. With the lack of competition, they could easily fix that place up into a popular place for girls to go. Kind of like the "Chipendales" of Seattle.


Oddly enough, I don't know of any male strip clubs in the Baltimore area. One would think there'd be at least one, seeing as we have The Block. But I think the closest one is in DC!!!
That would be so awesome. I mean, just the idea of doing it right. I wonder how much you could do with narrative continuity? (I'm thinking things that gave people the sense that they were getting to know the guys on stage. Develop a sense of community, and encourage repeat customers...) And things that built up community within the customer base too - made it really a fun, vibrant women's space when it was being a women's space. With hot guys. Oh, hot guys in loin clothes serving drinks.

Huh. Could you legally do footrubs?
Sadly, it is not for sale.
Man that sucks! When I went there back when I turned 18 and then again when I was 21 they served drinks, there were at least 15-20 dancers, they were all SMOKIN'! They all could dance, even some of them did pole work. That was were I saw my first pole dance.

I got some uber hot couch dances too! I'm sad to hear that it went down hill, 'cuz there were a ton of hootin' and hollerin' women.

And, BTW, with the proper marketing I think you could make a lot more money having it be males all week. There are plenty of women who fantasize about sexy men who can dance (not necessarily having sex with strangers as you said) and there is so much competition in the female arena. A bikini bar? I don't know why men would go to a bikini bar and pay good money when there is a strip club down the street. Unless you want to make it a restaurant and call it HOOTERS.

Seriously, when I went, both times the place was packed with women.

Edited at 2008-08-14 07:07 pm (UTC)
I think having a lesbian night is a great idea! Cagekitten FTW!