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socks and cat

Does digital matter

I know I said no luxury item purchases for a while. But one I've been wanting for years, just went on sale. A Sony DVD/VCR recording combo. It's normally $200 and it's on sale for $100.

I can't tell if it's digital or analog. Am I correct in assuming I shouldn't buy it if it's not digital because of the digital conversion in February? Or does that not matter? Here is the DVD/VCR combo: http://sector29.com/PRODUCT_PAGES/18/18-2329-RDR-VX525.html

I have a TON of old home movies I want to convert to DVD so I can edit them in Movie Maker. Plus all the videos are just taking up way too much room and I need the space. Plus both my VCR and DVD player are ancient and should be replaced soon.


Looks good - digital(atsc)/analog(ntsc) relates to the TV tuner, not the DVD itself. I don't see a tuner included on this at all (which is normal), so no worries. It does have HDMI, Component and optical audio outputs, so you should be good when you eventually get a new TV/amp. About the only connection you may eventualy want would be DVI (for a computer monitor), but most of those support HDMI anymore.
The only thing I'm wondering is what format do the movies record to? Just because it can play on my computer, doesn't mean Windows Movie Maker can open it for editing. How would I find out?
http://www.docs.sony.com/release/RDRVX525_EN_ES.pdf - pg 84.

Looks like it converts it to standard DVD format, with a 'chapter' at either 5 or 15 minute intervals. If WMM can open a standard DVD, it should handle this. If not, there are a host of products that can convert a DVD to DivX.

One issue you may have is those chapter blocks cutting a scene.
I think you just drag and drop all the chapters into WMM one after the other, to put them together.

I have never tried to open a standard DVD in WMM. Up until now, I've only used footage from my digital camera. So I don't know if WMM reads DVD's or not.