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socks and cat

Quit tempting me

Holland America, the cruise line I went to Alaska on, is now e-mailing me all kinds of super tempting offers for 2009. If I book my next cruise to Alaska for 2009 right now, I can have it for only $600 (that's about $1,000 off the regular price). And I can bring a companion for just $99 extra.

They're evil for tempting me like this. Evil I tell you!


It doesn't stop. I got the email from Royal Caribbean about booking their newest ship for 2010.
It takes a temptress to know temptation... isn't that what they say?

First one's free kid ;)
We're still getting Princess stuff two years later, but we don't mind because we do want to take them again sometime. The fun one is the big booklet with all of their routes.

Around the world in 112 days? Yes, please.
Really?!?!??!?! I wonder if I could fit that into my '"book-writing") sabbatical...(which is my sab. object...that, and/or looking for pit initiators using a Scanning Atomic Microscope....
Sorry, 117 days. :D


$25000 for the windowless room.
That's perfect! That's the cruise I want!!
I'm free!