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socks and cat

Two weeks of research and work, down the drain

I'm starting to panic. The carpet tiles I want are available through a company that Lowe's uses. Lowe's went to place the order today and the carpet company told them they won't evens ship my carpet tiles until August 29th. Ummm...I need to be open for business on September 1st with poles and all!!!!

I had to talk to the manager of Lowe's to convince him to give me the phone number of the carpet company to find out why they would sit on my order for 3 weeks before shipping it. I called them. The carpet company has a phone that is ALWAYS busy.

I have to start over from scratch and call every carpet company in Seattle to see who sells carpet "tiles".


Carpet tile should be amazingly common. It is used all over the place in offices.

You may need to look at commercial flooring companies rather than "Carpet" companies.
Apparently black carpet tile is rather uncommon. And commercial carpet tends to be rough, and not as plush and soft as home carpet. I guess they assume commercial spaces need carpet that is durable and can be walked on a ton. I'm looking for soft and comfy on the skin type carpet.
All I ever remember are seeing as far as carpet tile is concerned is black/grey patterns.

And yes, it is rough usually. For exactly the reasons you stated. How many business' want people rolling around on thier floors? It's UNPROFESSIONAL! ;)
I know Sherwin Williams has a carpet section, the stores aren't usually connected to the paint center but in a separate location, but they have all kinds of flooring including carpet and carpet squares.

It won't hurt to call other commercial flooring centers (meaning it's a store dedicated to just flooring, not that it caters only to industrial flooring) and see what they have available. I know down here there's a center my parents looked at when choosing a product for their home remodel, and they had all kinds of carpet available in tiles and squares, not just the stuff you glue down in an office.