Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'm about to be spoiled

I've been driving out to my studio every day this week to meet with different contractors and tomorrow I drive out again to meet with an interiors person. Every time I go, I visit the upstairs that I'll be living in soon. And holy cow...

I'm blow away by how nice my new home and my new studio are. This is really swank, classy living with private decks on two different ends of the building. Did I mention there is a skylight right over my bath tub? I get to take a bath under the stars!! I am about to be SO spoiled! And the studio, while small, is really nice. I guess I didn't realize how nice until I heard one of my instructor trainees tell one of my students how "swank" the new studio is. The bathroom is really nice. And NO other retail space I looked at had a bathroom this nice. I can really be proud of this space. And having something to be proud of, especially when I worked hard for it, makes me feel rewarded.

I am also realizing that there might actually be enough closet space for me if I'm willing to not hang my coats in the closet. I think I counted a total of 12 coats I own (Winter coats, Summer jackets, goth coats, rain coats, formal coats, etc.). I can put up pegs or a couple coat stands somewhere and hang them all up that way. That clears up an entire small closet for clothes. All I need to add is a very small black dresser (maybe three drawers) in the bedroom for my girlie under things. I'll look on Craig's List for one of those.

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