Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Should I use permanent poles or removable poles with ceiling mounts?

I thought I had my mind all made up for the new studio, I was going to use two permanent (drilled into the floor and ceiling) poles and one removable pole with a drop ceiling mount. Below is a picture of what the drop mount looks like. But I'm having second thoughts and considering just having 3 removable poles with 3 drop ceiling mounts.

The disadvantages of the drop ceiling mount and removable poles:

1. The mount is pretty ugly
2. Less stability, so I have to limit students to girls who are under 205 pounds
3. More expensive to purchase than permanent poles
4. Poles are difficult for me to remove, I will always need a second person to help me take them down and put them up
5. I won't have the cool luxury of climbing the poles 12 1/2 feet up to the ceiling, you can't climb or hold on to the mounts

Advantages of the drop ceiling mount and removable poles:

1. Because the ceiling mount is adjustable in height, I will never have to worry about the pole I order ending up being a half an inch too high (and not fitting!) or a half an inch too long (and not fitting!) - you never know if your measurement could be off just a bit and you're stuck with an expensive pole that won't fit!
2. They do no damage to the floor, so there are no pricey floor repairs when I move out
3. If the poles are removable (and I remove them), I have more room to use the studio for exotic dance classes and parties and chair dance classes
4. If I remove the temporary poles, I can rent the studio out for yoga classes or other small classes (but I will need help removing/putting back up)
5. Poles will only be 10 feet instead of 12 1/2 (the last 2 1/2 feet will be ceiling mount) so the poles are FAR less likely to bend and bow - and 12 1/2 foot poles often do bow

My biggest concern is how ugly those mounts are. Is there something I can use to paint them silver, that will make them match the stainless steel of the poles? Maybe then they will blend in and look nicer. Or should I stick with permanent poles?

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