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Meushi animated

Rent a pet

Rent a dog, what do you think?: http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid452319854/bctid1711801775


I'm sorry. That strikes me as so wrong.
I couldn't rent out my Zoe. =(
I think it is a great idea for all the reason the woman in the video said. I would love to rent a dog! I can't own one because it would be awful for a puppy to be cooped up in an apartment, but I'd sure like to take a puppy for a walk and to the beach!

Also, my mom would love to have animals temporarily visit her home. She is disabled and lonely and had to get rid of her cats because she couldn't take care of them anymore. But I think she deserves to cuddle with a kitty once in a while.
rather rent a fox...
I think it is a bad idea.

I heard about this a couple of months ago and at first it sounded like a good idea, I thought it was people who can't have animals are allowed to spend supervised time with the animals who have people who take care of them.

It turned out to be that the animals are given to people who would take them home for what ever period they were rented for with little to no supervision. I just see too much danger to the animals if they are taken to an unfamiliar place and the renters don't know how to handle the animal.

Not to mention the dog could end up with abandonment issues if they keep getting shuffled around and that just isn't right.
I've been joking for years that I was going to start ZipCat..rent a cat by the hour. But I was KIDDING. I think that's hard on the poor creatures. If someone really wants to be nice and spend time with animals, they can volunteer at shelters and take doggies for walks, bathe them, and snuggle kitties too.
Cat are definitely different than dogs though. I mean you know how cats freak out if they are in a new environment (like a new home). And they bond so much with their primary human that some actually ignore or don't like every one else.

Dogs, on the other hand, seem to be happy no matter where you take them. And they seem to love and play with everyone. So I think they are far more suited for "renting", assuming they have the same primary human to return to at the end of every rental.