Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

If I were to start a second business, what should it be?

This might come as a shock to people, considering how hard I work already. But this has been weighing on my mind since I came back from the cruise. I want to start a second business. I want a second business partly for love, and partly for security.

Running a business has fed me in ways nothing else can, and I want more of that. I love the creative control. Of course I love and accept creative input from my employees. But at jobs, you only get to submit your ideas to the boss and wait and see if they use them. With your own business, you enjoy the results of your own creativity on a daily basis, whether it's happier clients or more money (usually both). I love that I control my own income based on my own decisions, rather than having some one else (like a boss) determine my worth. I love having people work for me. You know those jobs where you had a co-worker you didn't like or couldn't work well with? You don't have those when you own your own business, because you can simply let them go if that happens. Nothing beats having control of your own work environment and your own destiny.

The other reason I want a second business is for security. Let's face it, I'm peddling a luxury item. I sell fitness, I sell self-worth and improved confidence, I sell a place to relax and de-stress and be yourself in the company of like minded women. In this country, all of those things are a luxury. And making a living selling luxury items puts you at the mercy of the financial climate of your area. That means your sales are affected by unemployment, by things like the dot com bubble bursting (or some similar financial disaster that could happen in the future), by the rising cost of gas, etc. So the second business will not be to do something I love (I already have THAT business), it will be to provide something people NEED, no matter what the financial climate. I would also like that business to be one in which I don't have to spend 12 weeks training each employee. This one should be one where I can hire ones that already have the training and experience from previous schooling and or jobs.

I met two gals on the cruise that own a string of day care centers. So that's one option I've been thinking of. While I'm not a "kid" person, I could open a day care center and hire people that have child care experience and love children. That's just an example though. Knowing me and knowing what people NEED, what kind of (second) business do you think I should start?

What kind of business should I start?


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