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Dress Back


Of course I could never wear the darn thing. I mean it's not like I could wear it to the Mercury, it would stink like cigarette smoke in 2 minutes, ruining a $450 coat. Maybe to Noc Noc, but there is no coat check there. So if I took it off, I would risk having it taken.

No place to wear it. :(


What about wearing it at Norwescon?
Could I make it into a costume? What kind of costume could it be?
I'm sure that you would be able to come out with something cool with it. :)
It needs a hat!
It needs to have you in it. :)
I was about to suggest Neighbours...there is a coat check there. But maybe you only go there if I've invited you ;P It was really nice to see you last Thursday, by the way. I'm sorry we disappeared. My friend wanted to check out the chill, and we ended up hanging over there for the rest of the night. Hope you had fun!
It was a pleasant surprise seeing you. Come back more often! :)
I would totally wear that anywhere, too bad I'm plus sized and beautiful coats like that rarely are made large.
How much is it? Is there a better photo?
This is the best picture the website had. The coat is $455 plus shipping.