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socks and cat

cost of health care insurnace

I saw this online today:

"According to a Boston Globe study, worker's health insurance premiums have increased 84 percent since 2000, while wages have increased only 20 percent."

In an effort to reduce expenses, I went ahead and paid my health insurance premiums in advance for the rest of the year. That means I just wrote Lifewise Health Plan of Washington a check for over $1,600 just for 5 months of coverage. That's just my monthly premiums, it doesn't cover co-pays or deductibles if I see an out of network provider (I have zero deductible if I stay in the network).

I sure hope our new president has some interest in health care reform. I simply can't imagine a life without health insurance. It's like being just one injury or sickness away from financial ruin. Yet it's astronomically expensive to have it.


I've not had health insurance for 5 years. It sucks. It means I never go to a doctor and I never have prescriptions for anything. I have a lot of issues I need to have addressed by a physician but I can't afford the visit, let alone any future examinations or referrals to other specialists or any therapies or prescriptions.
Same here, it's been nearly 4 years since I had it. I pay out-of-pocket for everything.