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socks and cat

so cute

So with the dramatic increase in rent, I will no longer be blowing $100 or more on club outfits I will wear only once or twice before stuffing it into the back of my closet never to be worn again. Below is the first victim of my new attempt reduce my frivolous spending. The dress below is $130 with the arm warmers. I would so buy it if I wasn't changing my spending habits! But it's probably a bit warm for the clubs anyway.


I'll be highly surprised if I don't see that on playa - it looks like it'd be perfect to (as the bunnywarez folks say) "stay warm and look hot."
Is that Ilianowear? I see them advertise on Tribe all the time, probably because I'm on all those hoop groups and all those Burning Man folks are on that site.
Yes, I found them on Tribe!