Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Frederick's of Hollywood flunks

So my Frederick's of Hollywood order just arrived, and they have officially flunked big time with me. I won't be sending them my new address because I don't want their catalogs anymore.

1st item: the belly chain in this post:
The picture made it look like it is a rhinestone chain going all the way around. But when it arrived, only the back piece was rhinestone. The rest was a very cheap looking metal chain. As if that wasn't bad enough -- it arrived broken!

2nd item: the bra. The cups are too big. It's not rocket science people. I'm a size A. What part of make the cups small do you NOT understand? As if that wasn't bad, the size 34 fits so tight it leaves red marks on my back. I'm a size 2 for god's sake. A 34 bra should be big enough for a size 2 - if you make it correctly.

3rd item: thong to match the bra. I'm officially dubbing it the granny thong. It rides so high, that it actually covers my belly button. Who the hell wears high rise thongs!? What's sexy about having your lace thong reach half way up your back? Seriously.

You can't return thongs, but the rest of the items are going back.

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