Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Planning ahead

I am trying to plan ahead for December. There are no classes and no income the last 3 weeks of December. Most folks are too busy planning for the holidays to be attending classes at that time. They are also diverting their income to gifts and travel expenses, rather than on classes for themselves. The obvious plan is to pay December's rent out of savings, due to the lack of income. But I would like to minimize the need for that and I've decided to start paying for all of December's expenses now, while income is up due to the wedding season.

I have already purchased two massage gift certificates from my massage therapist. So massages are paid for when I want them in December. I think I will also purchase a $200 gift card from Whole Foods, so that food is paid for in December (I'll be out of town some of that month, so I won't be needing much in the way of groceries). And I was thinking of also buying a $50 gift card for gas and setting it aside until December. I will also buy a ticket now, for my December travel plans.

What else can I pay for in advance and set aside for use in December, when there is little to no income?

What can I do to be prepared for December?


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