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To advertise or not to advertise

City Search has made me quite an offer. They know I don't need advertising until October and November when the wedding season is over. So they told me if I sign up now for October, November and December, they will give me August and September for free. If I go with their flat rate, October, November and December will cost me $450.

As far as I can tell, during my last 3 month contract with them, 9.4% of my online traffic came from them. This might continue even with a free listing on their site, I'm not sure. Of all those visitors, about 75% of them looked at at least 3 pages of my website and stayed on my website for 2 to 3 minutes. But almost 25% of those City Search referred visitors only looked at my main page and then closed the browser window or went away without looking at any of my other pages (like classes or parties).

Is $450 worth 5 months of advertising on City Search?


From everything I've heard, you're already over booked. Why pay for advertising you don't need?
I can haggle with City Search?
Classes are always sold out. But with multiple instructors now, I can never truly sell out of pole parties (I can just keep fitting in more). And pole parties are only abundant in the summer. During the busiest summer months, I can get 2 ro 3 parties per weekend. During the winter months, I usually get only 2 to 3 parties per month. And pole parties are such a good source of income for my school that it allows me to keep the cost of classes low and reasonable.

So in short, the answer is, to bring in more pole parties during the winter months.
I think you should go to google and fiddle with their system. You can set up an account and find out what the per click bids are for the keywords you want without obligating yourself.
Good idea. Google just sent me a coupon for $25 in free advertising too!
Oh, and you can set limits on how much you're willing to spend per day on clicks.