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go-go outfit kitten - letters by shaycbt

Year of the small breasted woman

I'm dubbing this the year of the small breasted woman, due to two of what I call my "small breasted heros."

According to the news today, Kira Knightley has asked the studio that produced her latest movie to NOT enhance her breasts digitally in the promotional material and posters. This was done in 2004 to promote one of her movies, and she didn't appreciate it. She is also my hero for posing topless, small breasts and all:

Kira has definitely sent a message that we can be proud of our small breasts, just as they are.

Kate Hudson is my second hero. And the media supported her body image as "beautiful" (small breasts and all) by putting her on the cover of People's 100 most beautiful people issue:

Kate is especially my hero because she proudly shows off lack of cleavage, consistently wearing low cut tops to show her chest. It's as if she is making a statement to the media that her body is beautiful, just the way it is. No surgery or push up bras necessary!

These two gals are my heros for making it socially acceptable and even beautiful to have small breasts. And for letting us know that even women who have more than enough money to enhance them, are happy with their bodies just the way they are.


As someone who went through breast reduction to ease the strain on her back and neck, as well as help with the self-confidence and lack of self-esteem I had because I was so stupidly HUGE, I LOVE THIS. I have had even personal friends of mine fall prey to feeling that they had to undergo surgery to enlarge their breasts in order to be sexy to men. I dearly hope that they won't go through the back pain, migraine headaches, sagging, digging in bra straps, and all the other things I dealt with before. I just don't see how it's worth it...
Yay for petite & tasty!
Not just small-breasted women, but apparently small-breasted women whose names start with 'K'. Heh.

...wait. I'd qualify under those criteria. ;)
Small breasts have always been beautiful. Also, most clothing models are near flat chested.
Except lingerie models.
Calvin Klein uses small breasted women for his lingerie.
Yay for them, their sexyness, and yours!

I should show you some of the art nudes that my girl thatnerdygirl does. Gorgeous stuff celebrating the beauty of small breasts (and everything else that's beautiful about her, which is a lot...) She gets plenty of people wanting to pay to take her picture too - next month someone is going to pay for her to fly across the country to pose for a shoot.
Yeah for them sticking up for us! I however do not like Kiera's make-up in this picture. She's a lot more attractive than that picture.
I agree. She is an incredibly beautiful woman with a great face, but you wouldn't necessarily know if from that picture.
I think I've always been jealous of smaller breasted women. Even before I was a very active martial artist... with somewhere between DDD and DDDDD breasts. (The degree of engineering represented by my bras is amazing. But far preferable to explaining that I have these bruises because my own breasts flew up and hit me in the face.)
It'd be nice if women weren't judged for their boobs period, ya know? I get harrassed and accused of having implants, which sucks. I wish I had much smaller boobs like A cups. It's easier to find cuter bras and they don't wear out as much than having damnend D's.
Actually most cute bras do not come in an A cup. There are a ton of gorgeous bras I can't purchase because the makers just assume us A cup girls don't count or something - and they don't bother making them in an A. But you can get all the cute bras in a B-cup size bra.
In my opinion, only thin, small chested women make those kinds of close look good and classy and beautiful. Having too much cleavage with thsoe kinds of clothing creates all kinds of possible OOPS moments and it comes off as slutty and whorish, not sexy.

I developed breasts when I was 7, and they didn't stop growing until I had a weightloss surgery 2 years ago. I've since regained weight from the 70lbs I lost, but my breasts are holding true to a DD as opposed to the G/H they had been. As soon as money allows I'm going to have to have a reduction/lift to a firm D -- having been heavy my whole life with massive breasts, they're in horrible shape. I too have had to wear marvels of engineering just in order to keep them halfway under control, but as soon as the supports are removed, it all comes tumbling down LOL. I sometimes even have to sleep in super soft super supportive bras when my back in having exceptional pain, it's the only way to get any kind of relief.

I think all women are beautiful, whether they're flat or large chested, but for me personally I like large breasts on myself -- I've got a lot of curves and it just looks good to be proportional. I would love for mine to be higher and healthier and therfore less of a burden, which would mean making them smaller, but I don't want to make them go away period.

But I love women who are proud of themselves, and you and these other wonderful beautiful smaller women have every right to be proud of your bodies. None of you have anything to be ashamed of.
Oh how I'd love to be small breasted.
I never even noticed they had small breasts.

I love it when my weight is low enough that my breasts disappear. Having larger breasts isn't always the greatest. They get in the way and can be painful.