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Floor Writhing 101

I have rug burns on my back now. Dammit! Note to self: Do not practice floor moves while wearing only sweat pants and a sports bra. Sports bra does NOT protect the skin of your back!!!!

I'm frustrated with the limited number of floor moves I actually know. But I'm finding that following up pole dancing with floor moves just feels really hot. Forget the fact that watching a girl writhe around on the floor to music is just hot to watch. It feels unbelievably good to do it!

Alas, I know all of 4 moves. And the final one, if they are done in succession, finishes with me on my back. And I do not know any graceful, sexy, hot way to rise up from my back. I once saw a clip from some cheerleader movie where the girls did it pretty well in a dance routine. Somehow they arch their backs, rising from the floor with their chests in the air and their heads arched back. But damn if that isn't physically impossible to do. There's some trick to it. They must be supporting the rise from one arm or perhaps their elbow lodged on the floor. I practiced it over and over yesterday during my work-out and I couldn't figure out how to do it. All I have to show for my efforts is a lovely rug burn on my back.

There is a video out there (produced by a stripper) on how to do floorwork. I need to rent more videos with stripping in it. I learned one of my pole moves by watching that Vegas movie (I forget the name but Gina Gershon and the girl from "Saved By the Bell" are in it). I learned one of my hottest floor moves by renting the movie "Dancing at the Blue Iguana." Does anyone own or know of another video I can rent with strippers or floor moves performed in it? I need more of them and I need them now!

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