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socks and cat

late night shopping

Frederick's of Hollywood is having a big sale, so I ordered my favorite bra in yet another color (I already have it in 3 colors). Just for good measure, I also ordered this rhinestone back jewelry:

I thought it might be nice for clubbing.


and nothing else. Sounds like an outfit to me! now to get you to come out to my club for a change.
I must tell you that you've created a monster. I hadn't looked at Frederick's in years. I just got an order from them and I'm wishing there was a store closer to me.
I wish there was a store in my state. I have to settle for the catalog until I visit California for Christmas.
There used to be a store in Everett. If it's still there I have a gift certificate I need to find out if I can still use.
That's pretty!

The pic doesn't look like something that would come out of a catalog.
Agreed, they haven't airbrushed her thighs. Usually the girls in catalogs are airbrushed or photoshopped to perfection.