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new trainees

We started the training process yesterday for my two new instructor trainees. Both have completed upper levels of my classes. I am absolutely thrilled with these two girls already. They are unbelievably sensual and natural when they dance, they even inspire ME when I watch them. One of them is already a yoga instructor and so I feel confident in her ability to work with students. And the other seems to have an unlimited ability to let girls know how fantastic they look when they dance - and that's really important since the girls can't actually see themselves dance and the feedback is what helps them feel confident. And in just the first class she observed last night, she already made a correction to one of the students who had her feet just a bit off for proper balancing.

Training new instructors is a huge sacrifice for me of both money and time. I literally take a large pay cut during their 12 week training process to make that training time possible. And I'll be doing so just as my rent is about to double. But I definitely feel comfortable with that when I see how fantastic these girls are!


"the girls can't actually see themselves dance"

Are there no mirrors?
I purposely have the mirrors in a place where they cannot see themselves when they are on the pole. And the new studio will not have mirrors (except maybe one I will keep in a closet and bring out when needed).

When girls look in the mirror, two things happen:

1. If they are pole dancing, they are trying to look in the mirror while attempting spins and even inversions. This can cause problems and even be dangerous in some situations.

2. As women we often become critical of ourselves when we look in the mirror. This is especially true of first time students who might not feel confident and sure of themselves as they attempt something new like this. It's important in my classes that women focus on their own sensual experience of the movement rather than how they look. I don't want girls trying to "look" sexy. I want them learning movement that makes them naturally feel sensual and beautiful.

In my intermediate level lap dance and sensual dance class, I do teach a technique that helps women look in the mirror without self judgment or criticism. But I don't offer it in my pole classes, so there will be no mirrors.