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Cage Kitten ABS

Learned a new stripping trick

Last night at the strip club I noticed a little trick the girls do when they strip off their thongs. If they are wearing platform heels high enough, it works. From a standing or leaning against the wall position, they slide the thong all the way down to the floor around the base of the platform heels. From there they step out with one foot and after putting that foot down, they flick the other foot back. When they flick the other foot, the thong goes flying through the air, creating a dramatic effect. I tried the trick myself this morning and it worked every time!


OMG, Im sooo trying this the second I get home. LOL
lol - the little joys in life :)
Pics or it didn't happen. ^_^
I saw this at Noc Noc a few weeks ago and was similarly impressed. Yay for new tricks!
Yeah it's a great trick. It gets the thong out of your way and the act of sliding it all the way to the floor makes you appear young, which guys like. Or at least all the guys I know :p lol Not that guys don't like old too ;)