Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

More Cage Kitten adventures at sea

We were scheduled to leave Ketchikan far earlier than I imagined, which only left me about 30 minutes to shop on shore before we left for Canada. Three girls in my seminar group also didn't realize how early the ship was leaving. They were still on shore making phone calls and shopping when the cruise ship left. And they couldn't possibly have been left behind at a worse point, given the next stop for the ship was in a different country and very expensive to fly to to meet the ship. When I'm not paying 55 cents per minute for e-mail, I definitely want to post about what happened to them after the ship left them. It was quite an exciting adventure!

After Ketchikan I went to a "behind the scenes" tour with the ship's dancers. We got to ask them questions and then got a tour back stage. The dancers have the best job on the ship (outside of being an officer). They have contracts of about 6 months. And when their contract is up, if they like, they can request it be renewed and transferred to another ship. Most ship employees are stuck on the same ship for a long time. But these performers can go from ship to ship to ship with each contract and see the world that way within a couple years.

After the tour I had lunch and then it was back for more seminar/theology. I feel like my brain and my world are expanding with each seminar. Each one doesn't just answer my questions about how life and the universe works but how to apply these principals to all the situations in my life. I'm very pleased.

After the seminar I changed for formal night. I finally got to wear a formal dress I havn't had a chance to wear yet! At dinner I decided to pretend to be a grown up and ordered all grown up thing:

For appetizers I had escargots bourguignonne and also a duck pate. I have never tried escargot before, I was terrified and it took an entire table of people to convince me to finally get that sucker into my mouth.

Then, chilled sour cherry soup with a mosaic of creme fraiche and fried ginger.

Then filet mignon and lobster tail. I've never had lobster tail.

Some one at the table shared her wine with all of us. I don't usually drink wine. I felt like quite a grown up! :)

After dinner we shut the place down talking at our table and playing a "truth or lie" game (not like truth or dare, totally different). When they finally asked us to leave so they could close the dining room, we took our little party to the lounge where we danced and finished our game.

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