Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My baby needs me...

I made the mistake of checking my business e-mail this morning. I didn't intend to. But I showed up to my appointment for a private session with Neale and he was running about 20 minutes behind and suggested I come back in 20 minutes. So with 20 minute to kill and the internet station just next door, I naturally thought to check up on things.

With me gone, things are not being taken care of. So far piling up are a trainee that needs to change the the time of her first day of training, several girls asking for pole parties, two students who are supposed to start class next week have changes in their work schedule and so can't make it to class and want me to call folks on the waiting list to take their spot so they can get a refund (and I didn't bring the waiting list with me to Alaska!), an instructor who seems to think I may have scheduled her to teach two overlapping pole parties and a gal that wants me to change the time of her pole party because she didn't plan the evening out well enough to leave time for them to change and have drinks before they go out after (but I can't change it because the day is completely booked full).

Of course all this is distracting me now and I find that I'm like a mommy feeling like I've abandoned my baby that is now crying for me. The business is my baby. It needs me. All these girls that have e-mailed me, need me. So after a long day of stuffing my face, more theology, shopping in Sitka and a cocktail party, I'm taking some time now to see if I can answer a few e-mails.

EDIT: Half the e-mails replied to, the others checked and they can wait. We now return you to our regularly scheduled vacation.

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