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Post from the cruise...

For some reason my password didn't work when I tried to log in tonight. At 55 cents per minute for internet, it took me 10 minute to reset the password and finally get on. D'oh!

Here is as much as I can remember about my cruise so far, as briefly as possible:

I was surprised to find that people had come from all over the world to take this cruise with Neale Donald Walsch and his seminars. One gal flew in from Egypt for it. Another gal flew in from the UK and another from Australia. As luck would have it, the gal from the UK and I were seated at the same table for dinner. Lucky because we found out we are both pole dance instructors. What are the odds of that!?

There was one cancellation for the Mendenhall Glacier dog sled tour tomorrow. I grabbed it! Folks who have done it are telling me that the helicoptor flight to the glacier is a life changing experience. I also booked a massage for Tuesday. I've decided that there is no point to life if you work insanely long hours like a dog 6 to 7 days a week and don't treat yourself well. I earned this and I'm thrilled.

The food...oh my god the food! I don't understand why I'm inhaling it and not slowing down and savoring it. But all the food is included, from buffets to fine dining every night at 8:00pm. I am absolutely gorging myself daily and I'm told most folks gain 5 to 10 pounds on these cruises.

Our cabin, in spite of being a shoe box with no windows, is quite nice. Clean, quiet, comfy, and they even fit in a table and chair. The bathroom lights here are the most unforgiving lights ever. I learned two things in these harsh cabin bathroom lights I didn't know. For one, I have far more cellulite than I knew. It's hard to see on a tiny girl like me, unless you happen to be the bathroom of Holland America cruise ship cabin. Yikes! The other thing I learned; my eyes are no longer brown. Apparently somewhere down the road, they changed to hazel. I'm still mesmerized by the green in my eyes every time I look in the bathroom mirror because I've never it before (except in close up photographs).

We are setting our clocks back tonight for Alaska time. We hit our first port tomorrow.

I'm so fascinated by the people here that I hardly notice the scenery. There is a wondeful variety of folks cruising with us.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember it all right now.

I'm going to sleep now to dream of my helicopter ride to the glacier and playing with the puppies at the dogsled camp.

Goodnight all!

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