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socks and cat


Just a little reminder to myself of why I'm paying so much to live in the same building as my studio. And I'll be walking distance from the grocery store. So when gas reaches this price in Seattle, I'll be driving maybe once per week at the most.

Gas price in San Mateo, California
Gas price in San Mateo, California


It's in the neighborhood of $4.50 between San Jose and Mountain View. I have NO FUCKING CLUE why that Shell station in the picture would be over $5. I mean, I know Shell tends to be one of the more expensive brands, but the station at the end of my block is only $.10 or so more than the Arco on the other side of the freeway.

*pokes at teh Intertubes* Aha! GasBuddy.com shows that this particular station is an anomaly. That station owner must be smoking some good damn crack, is all I can say.