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socks and cat

The evil shop next door

Too busy to post much of anything. Did I mention the new work/live building is just two doors down from a donut shop? And these donut people are evil. They seem to purposely pump the air from their kitchens into the streets so that you can always smell freshly baked donuts in the air. I will be smelling that every time I leave the building or step out onto one of my private view decks. I am hypoglycemic. I cannot eat donuts.

Evil. Evil I tell you.


Give it a week, you'll be sick of the smell. ;)
There's an old tale of a poor student living above a restaurant. All he could afford was plain rice, but the smells from the restaurant gave him great pleasure as he ate. When the owner of the restaurant found out, he sued for use of his smells. The judge asked the student to lay out his coins for the owner to see, which gave the owner great pleasure. The judge then told the student to put the coins away, as the sight of his money had paid his debt.
There is a HUGE wonderbread bakery across the street from my college. . . so I get the same.

Oh and I drive under a steakhouse on the way home (it's on a cap over the road).

Going to/leaving school sucks.
You might introduce yourself as a new neighbor and tell them you're hypo, and ask if they can make anything you can eat.

But now I'm just enabling. :-D
I'd make up a story about the horrible crimes that have occurred in the kitchen, where NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW. This helped when I lived down the road from what became known as "Bloody Doughnuts." :)