Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

This won't make sense to anyone but me but...

The prettiest way out of the windshield wiper move is transitioning into a chug and then fanning the legs. I have been looking for a graceful way out of the windshield wiper for almost a year now. I was quite excited to finally figure it out last night.

Pirouettes look much prettier with no pause between switching the top hand over on the pole. Continue pivoting and then subtly turn hand over during pivot. WAY more smooth and graceful than the old way.

And finally, here is the inversion that has been giving me grief for quite some time. I had to use special grippy stuff on my hands just to do it for the video that this picture below was taken from:

After working with the instructor visiting from California, I have learned two things that make this move much more stable. Extend the index finger down on the pole on the bottom hand. And the higher up you start with that bottom hand before you push out and up from the pole, the easier it is to hold. Chest level to start with is ideal.
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