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socks and cat


I just got back from running 3 hours worth of errands in the new tanker boots. It was like walking with 5 pound bricks strapped to each foot. Feet hurty.


Just curious, why not a pair of nice hiking/outdoor shoes? GI Joe's has them for cheap (or anyplace like shoe pavilion) and you won't really have to break them in, versus tradition hard-core hiking boots or army boots...
I wanted something that would look nice with my long, ankle length skirts. I think hiking boots look best with jeans. But we have been asked to dress "sporty casual" on the cruise and jeans are not allowed in the dining area. So I wanted boots I could plod around Alaska in and also put on with a long skirt and show up to dinner in.
*chuckling* ah, I'm used to traveling with women who bring more then one pair of shoes when they travel.

Heels for dinner with skirts, hiking shoes for going out clomping in the woods with jeans, etc...
Oh trust me, I'll have more than 2 pair of shoes. There are two formal nights that I will bring heels for. But other than those two nights, I'd rather be comfortable and slightly dressy. And I have no idea how long the walk will be from our cabin to the dining area, so I want to be prepared with comfy shoes for dinner.